The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M


The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M is the last album and greatest hits compilation by Norwegian teen-pop duo M2M.

It was released in 2003 after M2M disbanded in 2002. The compilation includes all of their singles from their two studio albums Shades of Purple and The Big Room, as well as acoustic versions of some other songs.

It also contains a Mandarin Chinese version of their hit "Pretty Boy" and a Spanish version of "Everything You Do". "Everything" is also shortened without the faded out ending and "Everything You Do" was completely re-recorded with new vocals. It also has three new songs, "Not to Me", "Is You", and "Wait for Me".

A second disc is included with the album, which contains music videos and a featurette, as well as footage girls in Bangkok and Norway.

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"The Day You Went Away" 
 "Mirror Mirror" 
 "Pretty Boy" 
 "Don't Say You Love Me" 
 "Everything" (new edit) 
 "Everything You Do" (re-recorded vocals version) 
 "Girl In Your Dreams" 
 "What You Do About Me" "Don't" (acoustic version) 
"Wanna Be Where You Are" 
 "Not to Me" 
 "Is You" 
 "Wait for Me" 
 "Jennifer" (acoustic version) 
 "Love Left For Me" (acoustic version) 
 "Pretty Boy" (Mandarin Chinese version) 
 "Everything" (acoustic version) 
 "Don't Say You Love Me" (Tin Tin Out Remix) 
 "Todo Lo Que Haces" ("Everything You Do" Spanish version) 
 "Mirror, Mirror" (Power Dance Remix)
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