Air Supply - Ultimate Air Supply (iTunes Plus AAC M4A)


In 1999, Arista released an 18-track Air Supply anthology called Definitive Collection. Four years later, Arista/BMG Heritage released an 18-track Air Supply anthology called Ultimate Air Supply. What is the difference between the two collections?

Five tracks (plus new liner notes, including track-by-track recollections by Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock). The original Australian version of "Lost in Love" is lost from Definitive Collection, but this gains their last American charting single, "

The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)," later popularized by Celine Dion. This is a marginal difference, and certainly not enough for anybody who already owned Definitive Collection to jettison it for this.

But it does mean that it gets the slight edge for anybody looking for a thorough Air Supply collection (although, truth be told, most listeners will likely be happy with a shorter collection since the songs that surround the big hits.

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1. Lost In Love 
2. All Out of Love 
3. Chances 
4. Every Woman In the World 
5. The One That You Love 
6. I Want to Give It All 
7. Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You) 
8. Sweet Dreams 
9. Even the Nights Are Better 
10. Two Less Lonely People In the World 
11. Don’t Be Afraid 
12. Young Love 
13. Making Love Out of Nothing At All 
14. Just As I Am 
15. The Power of Love (You Are My Lady) 
16. Without You 
17. Goodbye 
18. Someone
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