Psychedelic Prog by The Cleves - The Cleves 1970 Flac & mp3@320

The Cleves' only album was competent but uninspiring, typical early-'70s progressive rock, all the material original save an eight-minute cover of "Summertime." With most of the songs hovering between five and seven minutes, it was given to long, not entirely purposeful vamps on organ and guitar, grinding out repetitive, basic hard rock riffs. The vocal sections were very much of-the-time hippie-oriented messages that aimed to uplift and reflect -- nothing to object to in and of themselves, but hardly profound, and often naïve.

Sometimes it's a little like hearing the hardest-rocking, most sophisticated parts of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's arrangements, without the songs of CSNY's caliber. Other styles of the day also get a peek, from Creedence Clearwater Revival-style roots rock ("Waterfall") and humming sustain guitar ("Keep Trying," "Time Has Come") to Lee Michaels-style organ ("For a Time"). Unfortunately, the album is not as good as the far more superior influences it uses as reference points.(R.Unterberger)

Give it a try, it's a real good psychedelic prog effort and much better than a lot of their
contemporarys. Real good songs here.
Have fun
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